Glen Arnston Profile: Volunteer for the Complaints Inquiry Committee

Glen Arnston Profile: Volunteer for the Complaints Inquiry Committee

Members of the Complaints Inquiry Committee (CIC) assist CPA Alberta in regulating the conduct of Alberta CPAs, in accordance with the Chartered Professional Accountants Act, and the profession’s regulations, by-laws, and resolutions.

The CIC examines allegations of unprofessional conduct and then determines if there is sufficient evidence to refer the allegations to the Discipline Tribunal Roster Chair for a hearing.

Glen Arnston CPA, CA, CMA, CFE

Glen Arnston CPA, CA, CMA, CFE has been a part of the CIC since 2012, and has been a valuable voice since that time, due to his expertise and background. Being part of this particular committee requires a breadth of understanding and knowledge, and Glen draws upon his experience with other regulatory bodies—including his professional role at the Alberta Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Commission, where he is Senior Manager, Audit Services and former role at the Law Society of Alberta—to assist him as he completes his duties on the CIC.

He also credits the other CIC members for the vital work that is accomplished. “The committee is made up of members that are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable,” says Glen. “I think this committee is vitally important in the CPA profession, so having well-informed members is key.”

Glen recognizes CPA Alberta staff as being an integral to the work of the Committee, as well. “CPA Alberta staff are always very well-prepared—they anticipate and answer any questions that the committee might have. It’s a well-oiled machine,” Glen says.

The CIC and the Discipline Tribunal Roster are fundamental to the CPA profession and to CPA Alberta meeting its legislated mandate. The volunteers that serve on these bodies need to not only draw upon their understanding of the profession, but always be open to learning more in the course of their duties.

“Our responsibility is making sure that everyone is being held accountable in the profession,” says Glen. “Especially knowing how much work it takes to become a CPA, we try our best to relate to the situation and judge accordingly, and we draw upon our previous knowledge to do that.”

Glen says his time on the Committee has been a rewarding experience, and he has enjoyed working with, meeting, and learning from all of those he has encountered in his volunteer role. “I would encourage those with an interest in this area to consider volunteering with the CIC,” Glen concludes.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CIC or the Discipline and Appeals Tribunal, you can send your CV or bio the CPA Alberta’s Conduct team at:

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