Watch the latest Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre’s “CPA Smart” video on entrepreneurship

Watch the latest Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre’s “CPA Smart” video on entrepreneurship

In the most recent episode of the Hesje CPA Knowledge Centre’s CPA Smart video series, Jim Spenrath CPA, CA discusses entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful.

A self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Jim has established businesses in multiple fields, from the public practice firm he owned and operated for 17 years to his current endeavour as the Managing Partner of Three Trees Tap + Kitchen in Lloydminster. With his CPA acumen and a curiosity for all types of business, Jim has spent his career pursuing what he considers to be the ultimate measure of success: fulfillment.

According to Jim, there are two primary factors that contribute to a well-established enterprise: hard work and passion. Starting a business requires dedication; work is the nature of entrepreneurship. But if there isn’t any passion behind the pursuit, motivation for the future can dwindle…and so can the enterprise.

Jim also highlights the essential skill of listening. Mentors, customers, and employees alike are an excellent “go-to” source for ideas and feedback. A mixed network of people involving those who are highly vested in the project and those who are more detached give great perspective. As Jim maintains, “Not every idea’s a great one, but a lot of them really are.”

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