What qualifies for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?

What qualifies for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements?

Did you know that webinars, courses, and certificates aren’t the only activities that count towards fulfilling your CPD requirements? It’s time to debunk the myth that getting professional development can only happen in the classroom—especially since the classroom isn’t an option right now.

First, it’s important to understand the difference between verifiable learning and unverifiable learning as they relate to CPD requirements. Verifiable learning refers to a learning activity that a third party is able to verify objectively. This is what many people traditionally think of as professional opportunities, such as taking a course that results in obtaining a certificate, activities where attendance is taken, or learning that concludes with an exam. These are the courses and webinars that CPA Alberta offers, for example, or training sessions that are organized by your employer.

Unverifiable learning consists of activities that cannot be verified objectively, especially as they often don’t result in a product like a certificate, diploma, or a grade, but still involve you gaining knowledge or skills. However, this still is valuable professional development and counts towards fulfilling CPD requirements. As a bonus, this type of learning is often done naturally as a result of your professional or volunteer duties or interests. Examples of unverifiable activities include on the job learning of a new system, software, procedure, or technique for a professional role; preparing for a presentation or board meeting; or even casual reading of professional journals or magazine articles.

In either verifiable or unverifiable learning, to be counted towards your CPD requirements the skills developed must be relevant and appropriate to your professional role and responsibilities or growth as a CPA, and allow for the development of new or existing competencies. (As such, CPA Alberta does not pre-determine how much CPD is gained at an activity, nor does the organization pre-determine what qualifies as CPD for each individual CPA.)

So, during this time of quarantine, if you are reading new articles, watching videos, taking online courses or otherwise learning new skills that fits under this description, you’re in luck!

For more information, including videos and presentations on CPD requirements and appropriate learning activities, make sure to check out the CPD Reporting page: https://www.cpaalberta.ca/Members/CPD-Reporting