What’s new in PD sizzles in more way than one way!

What’s new in PD sizzles in more way than one way!

At CPA Alberta, it’s important to us that our members are equipped with the tools they need for growing as professionals and providing services to their clients. So, we’ve recently taken a fresh look at the Professional Development products and services we offer Alberta CPAs, with an eye to making changes to ensure we’re not only meeting your needs, but anticipating them as well.

Our goal is simple: we’re aiming to deliver relevant, focused, timely, cost-effective products and services. Here is a small snapshot of how we plan to achieve this:

  • We’ve revitalized our Professional Development catalogue so you can pinpoint the courses you need according to your niche. For example: CFOs, controllers, practitioners or members in the public and non-profit sector can now use our catalogue’s pathway system to narrow down which courses are relevant to their career. There are even pathways by competency areas, such as Innovation and technology, and assurance and financial reporting. Are you looking to take your career down a new road? Our catalogue pathway system can also be used to help you build your skillset and increase your knowledge base for the career you want.
  • We are actively researching how technological and environmental changes are affecting our members’ needs. We have introduced a variety of new courses on topics (e.g., data analytics, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and blockchain, etc.) so you can manage disruptive technologies successfully.
  • As per CPA Alberta’s new ethics requirements, we have introduced several courses so you can complete your hours efficiently and cost-effectively. Most of the ethic courses, such as Emerging Ethical Challenges for CPAs, The Ethical Dilemma, and Building Personal and Organizational Ethical Intelligence are available online as live, recorded, or mobile learning formats.
  • We know your professional growth isn’t strictly related to accounting, so we’ve added a pertinent sub-competency, Health and Wellness, to support members in achieving holistic health, stress management, and a balanced work/life continuum.
  • We heard you loud and clear when it came to venue and catering selection for PD courses and so we are pleased to bring back hot breakfast and lunches!

We’re also working closely with Chapters and Practitioner Groups across the province with the goal of achieving collaboration among all the groups to improve accessibility to professional development. This initiative focuses on creating peer-to-peer forums to identify emerging topics relevant to Alberta CPAs and creating opportunities so participants can learn from each other while expanding their networks.

And we are always looking to the future to identify new, innovative ways to meet your needs. By popular demand, we are working on re-introducing and expanding our  Leadership Programs. We are also exploring how we can improve accessibility to and flexibility of courses through online channels and expanding course availability across the whole province.

We are committed to helping Alberta CPAs succeed: we want to understand your needs, your expectations, and what resources will be most helpful to your career. Check out our PD section on the CPA Alberta website; we want to be part of you reaching your personal best!

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