Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) – Alberta Annual Return Deadline is February 29

Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) – Alberta Annual Return Deadline is February 29

Each year, employers with workers are required to fill out a WCB annual return. Often, a CPA, either as an external advisor or as an internal expert, will file this return. The annual return reports the assessable earnings of an organization’s workers paid in the last year, and the earnings the organization expects to pay in the upcoming year.

Filing online is quick and easy

Built-in calculations, error checking, and simple navigation make completing the annual return easier than ever. All that is needed is the PIN letter containing the organization’s account number and password. The PIN letter is mailed to account holders in December.

If you are an outside advisor, ensure you can access Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB)’s online service by contacting your client for their password. If you’re unable to obtain the password from your client, you will require one of the following pieces of information to sign on to the online system:

  • Your client’s payroll estimate from their 2019 annual return,
  • The confirmation number from your client’s 2019 annual return, or
  • The confirmation number received when your client’s company was registered with WCB-Alberta.

When filing an annual return on behalf of your client, it is important to communicate their personal coverage option. If you are declining personal coverage on their behalf, it is important that you relay this to your client to ensure they are aware of what this decision entails. The benefits of having personal coverage include:

  • Protection against loss of employment income. If the injury or illness is work-related and the individual is unable to work, they will receive compensation for lost earnings.
  • Comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services with no present limits to help the individual return to work.
  • Risk management. Workers’ compensation personal coverage is the only insurance that offers protection from lawsuits for an individual and other parties covered in the insurance plan.
  • Better business practices. Personal coverage is a requirement of some contracts.

Need help? Check out the online demo located at You can also call the WCB contact centre toll free at 1-866-922-9221, 780-498-3999 in Edmonton or 403-517-6000 in Calgary.